Finished your ice cream?

Now what?

We use PET Plastic. In layman terms, this is food-safe, reusable plastic that can be recycled and repurposed for alternative uses.

What's PET?

PET (aka polyethylene terephthalate)  is  a common form of plastic used to package consumer goods. When these plastics are discarded into recycling bins, they are crushed, washed, separated and dried.

They are then re-used as raw materials to create items like clothing and carpets, or are re-made into PET packaging.

Even if you don't drop our cups off at a recycling chute, you can still do your own recycling.

2019-09-25 18.30.06.png

No spice containers? Not anymore.

Need a food tupperware? Voila.

(Works well with savoury food too!)

Fancy a desk terrarium? Say no more.

If you do drop our cups off at a recycling chute, make sure your cups have been cleaned.

When recyclable materials are thrown in recycling chutes without cleaning, they contaminate the entire lot, making them non-recycable. Let's all play a part in greener efforts whenever possible!