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Where it all begins.

One of life’s greatest pleasures shouldn’t be a guilty pleasure. So we set out to create a range of lower-calorie, lower-sugar, lower-fat ice cream that still tastes amazing and hits the spot.

So here’s presenting Nuude. Why Nuude? Because it’s a 100% pure and natural clean label, free from any artificial flavours, colourings, preservatives and emulsifiers— All the while still offering a lusciously rich, gorgeous, delicious ice cream that delights the senses.

Nuude flavours also contain wholesome foods such as cacao nibs, camu berries and goji berries, just to give your body that tender loving boost it deserves. Nuude. There really is nothing to hide. Cause it’s only naked goodness in ice cream.


All our single serves and multipacks are Healthier Choice Certified!

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